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AirConditionerShack is a no-frills budget provider of small easy to use air conditioning in Britain. If you simply want a quick economical rental or purchase of small or portable or mobile cooling then call us. Air Conditioner Shack is operated by Icecape Ltd trading as RacKettering, who are long established commercial refrigeration engineers.


AirConditionerShack is your supplier of small, mobile, monoblock or split, domestic or office, slimline portable air conditioner, and flexible cooling power air conditioning. Our suppliers include PAC, Amcor, Electroair. Call now for a cheap immediate order.


Delivery is by mail order to anywhere in the UK. Phone now today before 3pm for immediate dispatch.
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Offices in towns and cities now tend to require air conditioners to keep employees and computer equipment cool. Although most of the latest computers can work under room temperature conditions, you will find that the servers can not. For the servers, you may find the need a separate mobile air conditioning unit in the server room that is consistently maintained at a low temperature.

For new build offices, you should pay special attention on the positioning of the air conditioners. For the office mobile cooling, you can select between a range of portable split air conditioners or window vented monobloc portable air conditioning units for hire. If you want any more features in your air conditioner units, then you may have to increase your budget.

Like all cooling equipments, you will have to make sure that you have a maintenance schedule for your office air conditioners. Generally, normal hours are selected for the care and maintenance of the office air conditioners. As an air conditioning maintenance company we would do a general servicing of the air conditioners and replace faulty parts as needed.

When an office air conditioner does not function, you will have to call in the refrigeration repair company. You can either rent or purchase the office air conditioners. If you have a temporary office, you may be best to rent portable air conditioners.

As an air conditioner hire company we offer rental cooling in the UK. You can have terms and conditions of the air conditioner hire service before you select the best air conditioner for your office or offices.


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